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Packaging example

MFC in collaboration with some selected suppliers offers a complete service, forgings, machining, turned parts, simple assemblies, superficial treatments and any special OEM requirement:

MFC in collaboration with a high qualified technical research and development office is able to face all customers requirements. We can also submit samples in acrilic resin which are very helpful in the beginning of new projects.

MFC operates with the best forging companies with the same high standard professional working concept offering hot forged alloy pieces from 50 gr. up to 12 Kgs.

MFC apart from its own maching workshop can rely on other professional machining companies that can perform pices on:

  • CNC Twinspindle turning centres
  • CNC Multispindle turning centres
  • CNC Turning milling centres
  • CNC swiss type automatic lathes

We can also perform any kind of superficial treatment like chrome plating, nikel plating and painting.

We fulfill any requirement of  special packaging or labelling.

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